Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to wear the latest trends at any age

Every season, without fail, we are greeted with the arrival of the hottest new styles.  This Summer is no exception.  2012’s top trends - soft pastels, mix and match prints, flashy florals and sport inspired looks. But how can you achieve the balance of looking trendy and not trashy?  Here are some suggestions on how to look stylish and age appropriate in your 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and as well as your 70's.

Now you can pick and choose from trends without looking as if you've tried too hard - if it looks good and feels good, wear it.  A pair of great-fitting jeans will take you from day to night, while cropped trousers (not to be confused with capris!) with ankle boots or heels are a fresher option than full-length trousers.  A statement bag or pair of bold neon heels will add a touch of trend.


It's time to develop a look that's sleek and streamlined.  It's best to keep your overall image simple but to add one or two key pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and texture - and then take the edge off by mixing bright rich pieces with neutral classics. Try pairing a pencil skirt with a bronze metallic cami.  The trick is to look sexy without looking like you are trying too hard.


The best way to look great is to embrace your natural beauty.  Give your waistline a helping hand with a fitted jacket, a wrap blouse tied at the waist or add a skinny belt to tie your look together.  Luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin and cashmere feel great and are forgiving. Keeping your overall look monochromatic, brings style and sophistication - then introduce a splash of one of your favourite colours or prints of the season.

A balancing act is what you need now. If the top you choose is voluminous, wear it with a pair tailored trousers.  Conversely, if you choose a full floral skirt (flat over the hips to avoid adding bulk) or wide-leg trousers, it's best to keep your top half fitted. Statement jewelry is a perfect expression of your personal style!

You want to look smart and sophisticated.  This means you’re your wardrobe should consist of classics with enough flair that accentuates your personal style. Timeless buys, such as long coat or trench, fitted jackets and fine-knit cashmere twinsets are your wardrobe staples. They'll never date and they always look expensive. A bold scarf tied at the neck or a striking shawl draped over your shoulders will give you a simple yet dramatic look. The key to looking stylish and timeless is making sure every piece you own, fits you well.

Being of a certain age by no means signifies the end of your fashionable days.  The key to dressing appropriately for your age is to figure out your own personal style and let that – not the trends – guide you.

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  1. Great advice!! So true and always great to have a refresher!!