Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Well, we have been busy little elves here.  Making & baking. Shopping & wrapping. Now, it's time to relax and appreciate the joy and magic the season brings.

I am looking forward to hot chocolate by the fire, snowy walks on the mountain, meeting up with old friends, The Thomas family Christmas party, making snowmen with my girls, and so much more!

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

create some magic

Snowflakes are unique, amazing and beautiful.  

No matter the size or shape of the snowflake, each one is special. 

People are unique, amazing and beautiful.

No matter our size or shape, we are all special. Important. Worthy.

Not only are snowflakes one of a kind, like people, they are shaped by their environment.  Their final appearance is actually shaped by temperature as it falls to the ground.  We too are shaped by our environment. Our personal experiences are what makes us truly special. 

Although the beauty of an individual snowflake is remarkable, it is really when snowflakes cluster together that they create magic.  

So, next time you look at fresh falling snow, think about how precious each and every snowflake is. Think about how unique it is. And think about yourself. Your beauty. Your uniqueness. And then think about who you surround yourself with. 
Go create some magic!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My favorite Fashion DIY blogs

When it comes to design, decorating, fashion & accessories, nothing saves money (or requires patience) like doing-it-yourself. You can spend hours scouring the web for DIY bloggers or perusing boards on Pinterest, - trust me, I have done that! - but now, you don't have to.  To help you save some time, I have compiled a short list of top fashion DIY blogs.  So, if you have the some spare time, a fair bit of patience and a little know-how, you too can be on your way to creating some one of a kind fashions.

a pair & a spare

Glitter 'N Glue

Stripes & Sequins

Studs and Pearls

P.S. -  I made this...

Monday, 10 December 2012

My Ideal Christmas

When it comes to the holidays, I always have visions about how they are going to turn out. I think about the scenic car ride, the joy of visiting with family & or friends, I think about all the glorious food, about the warm glow of the Christmas lights, about the copious amounts of wine that will be drunk, about the games we will play in front of the fire.  It's always perfect in my mind. But of course, as we all know, when you put travel, family, food and drinks all together, something a little less than perfect is almost always created.  As much as I love these hectic times, I still find myself off in dreamland....

Here is how my ideal Christmas would look.

This is what my Ideal House  would look like.

Our Ideal family room would be bright, large, yet cozy.

We would add a touch of whimsy with our Ideal Table Setting.

Of course, my Ideal Dessert Table would include candies.

This beautiful Stella McCartney jacket would be waiting for me under the tree.

Then, to end this perfect day, a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub! What an Ideal way to spend the evening.

What would your ideal Christmas look like?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Growing up, Christmas was always a big deal. I have very early memories of advent calendars, carollers, crafts, snowy walks, baking, snowmen, church, and pre-Christmas parties. The lead up to the big day was just as special as Christmas itself. For those of you, who, like me, LOVE this time of the year, "get" it.  The magic, the warmth, the wonder that surrounds it.

Even as a young girl, decorating the house was always something I looked forward to.  Our Christmases were a mix of The Brady Bunch meets The Griswolds!  It wouldn't truly be Christmas without a few hiccups and choice words - or maybe some naked yelling in the snow! (yes that really happened)

From choosing the perfect tree, to stringing the lights inside and out, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire while listening to A Chipmunk Christmas on the record player. Staying up a little bit later on Christmas Eve to listen to Paul Reid and checking in on Santa Watch. We created family traditions.

So, what traditions will I pass down to our girls? That is still to be determined. Showing, and teaching Ryan & Andy the importance AND the joy of giving will definitely be top of the list. Spending time as a family, baking, creating, laughing, sharing and of course the occasional squabble! Every year, and especially as they get older, new traditions will emerge.  Watching them when they become parents and have families of their own will be when I get to see what traditions we have created together, that they happily pass on. How magical is that?!

Ryan & Andy decorating our perfectly sized tree.

Making some easy candy cane reindeer for our tree.

Even our fish Gary is getting into the Christmas spirit!

Decorating our house and getting ready for Christmas.

What traditions have been passed down in your family? What new traditions have you started? I would love to hear it!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Unwrapping your holiday style

[image from Real Simple]

Somehow, you've managed to walk past a million clothing store windows, ignored the dozens of magazines with images of party dresses, and suddenly, your big holiday bash is this weekend. Sound familiar?  Now, before you grab your purse and head out the door to frantically to find something to wear, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Start with your closet.  Take a good look at what you already have.  You may be surprised with what you find!  Simply by changing your jewelery, your shoes or even adding a touch of colour, can change the look of your little black dress and turn into a festive frock.  For more versatility, mix & match your separates.  Play with colour, pattern and texture.  Just think how great you'll feel when you tell your friends that you created the outfit with what you already had in your closet!

2) Make a list.  To avoid wondering aimlessly and feeling overwhelmed with the selection, make a list of 3 stores that have worked for you in the past and go to those first. Also, make a list of what you are looking for - a necklace, fitted blazer, long skirt. This will help you from getting side tracked.  

3) Don't buy the first thing you see.  You will need to give yourself some time. Try on a few items at one store - then walk away. Try another store, try on a few more pieces, and again walk away.  Now is not the time to experiment! The last thing you need is another holiday outfit that sits in your closet because a)you don't really like it b)it doesn't fit very well or c)you have nothing else in your closet to wear it with.  Go grab a coffee and think about which one works best for the occasion and what you felt the best in. Then go back and get it!

Armed with this knowledge, you are ready to hit the holiday party circuit, stress free and in style!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Patterned Tight

Patterned tights can be a nice change from traditional black. If you’re a first time buyer on printed tights you need to make sure you buy a print that you will actually wear and that would go with the majority of your wardrobe.  If you want to bust out of your shell and experiment with patterns just keep the following guidelines in mind.

Always remember the busier the pattern, the simpler the outfit. A great way to wear pattern tights is to match your tights to one of the colours in your outfit, so there is some fluidity to your look.

For the most flattering look, it’s often best to choose patterns with small graphics such as tiny polka dots or little flowers. They’ll keep your legs looking slender.

Be wary of horizontal stripes – they tend to be a bit harder to pull off.
Patterned tights or leggings are interesting enough as is, so remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

If you’re self conscious about your legs, try letting patterned tights peek out just between your boots and a skirt.

Patterned Tight

Will you be wearing patterned tights this Winter?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Take some time

Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes over, why not take some time for yourself.  Not sure where to start? Here are my top 5 - I'm taking time for me - activities.

1.Go for a long walk.
With the crisp air and vibrant colours, now is the perfect time to go for a walk.  Before the snow falls, and you're stuck indoors cooking, baking, roasting, take some time to enjoy one of the best times of the year.  There is absolutely no substitute to the crunching of the leaves underfoot or the wonderful fresh scents that nature brings.

What to wear: Needless to say, you want to be both comfortable and stylish!  Put on your favorite pair of jeans tucked in to a pair knee high boots, a warm, yet breathable jacket, layer a knit sweater worn atop a cotton tee, and to finish the look off, a bold coloured scarf.

2.Tuck into a book
With December fast approaching, taking time for oneself is at a premium.   The best way to indulge is simply by curling up with a good (or trashy) book.  Escape from all of your daily distractions – that also includes turning off your phone – and let your imagination do all the work.  Or better yet, watch Magic Mike!

What to wear: Again, comfort is key.  However, since there is always the chance of unexpected company, it’s good to be prepared.  Jogging pants are not what they used to be.  Instead of sporting oversized athletic wear; invest in form fitting yoga attire - equally cozy, and extremely trendy.

3.Clean out your closet
Changing of the seasons is always a good time to sort through your closet.  The holidays are right around the corner, making it the perfect time to make room for welcomed additions.  Remember, keep only the items that fit and that are in good condition!

What to wear: As little as possible.  Take this time to try things on and take a walk down memory lane - reminisce, laugh and then get rid of it!

4.Start your holiday shopping early
Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season arrives, who really has the time to put much thought-let alone effort -into gifts for family and friends?  Take this time to ask what people would like and then browse the stores.  Bring a pen and pad to make notes of what you liked, the price and what store it was in.

What to wear: Whose kidding whom?  We all know, when out shopping for other people, we most often find things for ourselves.  So be prepared!  Wear clothing that can easily be slipped on and off.  Try a cardigan over a simple tee so you can easily take off the cardigan to try on that killer jacket.

5.Go out for dinner
Once again, with the busy month of December around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule in date night.  Take this time to reconnect with your loved one (just think, no cooking and no clean up!).

What to wear: Choose something that looks great on you, is comfortable, and makes you feel your best.

There you have it - 5 fun things to do this November.  So what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Holiday Party Style

I for one, LOVE the Holiday party season.  Hanging out with friends, spending time with family, eating and drinking just a little too much, and of course the fun party fashions.

Here are some stylish and whimsical outfit inspirations that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Party Style

Holiday Party Style

Holiday Style

Holiday Style

When getting ready for a holiday party, it's important to keep in mind the location & the occasion; is it a work party or a friend's open house.  This will help you set the tone for your outfit choice.  Also, a little goes a long way! There is no need to wear sparkle or sequins from head-to-toe. If you choose to wear a sequin skirt, remember to keep your upper half toned down. If glitter isn't your thing, then look for pieces with rich jewel tones.   

If you want to add a touch of whimsy, leave your light-up Christmas sweater at home.  Use accessories instead to display your festive side – maybe a small bracelet with coloured bulbs or a jeweled pin shaped like a snowflake.

 Have fun getting decked out for your Holiday parties!