Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Thanks to sites like Pinterest and various craft-astic blogs, I am bombarded with amazing projects that I would LOVE to attempt.  I probably will never tackle most of them 1) I lack patience - just ask my girls! and 2) I truly don't have the time.  Besides, I am pretty happy to pay for things rather than make them. Except for pillows. I have a fondness for making pillows.  Of course, it's no surprise, since sewing a pillow takes absolutely no skill, and satisfies my need for instant gratification. They make great gifts for friends or family and since I tend to change my mind and style frequently (my husband would call it annoying), it's a easy way to play with fabrics, colours and textures.


For my musician friend


for one funky friend

my latest project

the girls approve!
Next time you are on the hunt for a throw pillow, look at the price tag, then go home and make one instead!


  1. They look great! Maybe we can go fabric shopping together! Then you can gather inspiration for mine. : )

  2. I have my fabric all ready but haven't gotten organized to create them yet. Do you use zippers to close them?

    1. Great!
      I don't use zippers - not that skilled yet. They are sewn shut on all sides. My next step is to try adding zippers! Wish me luck.