Friday, 30 December 2011

The Owl and the Peacock

Welcome to the Owl and the Peacock, a blog about life as a mother & entrepreneur, and the struggle to find balance!  I am a mother of two very busy girls and when time allows, I focus my attention on my business as a wardrobe consultant in Kingston, Ontario.  This blog will cover just about anything and everything that I manage to accomplish from day to day - family wise or work wise.  So stay tuned if you're interested in mediocre crafts, easy recipes, and frugal fashions.

As far as the Owl and the Peacock goes, the owl is a symbol of independence, protection and wisdom, which are all things that I strive for. The peacock is a symbol of integrity and beauty - when we show our true colours.  Both are extremely important when it comes to what we choose to wear in order to present our authentic selves.

Please feel free to leave comments, feedback or suggestions.