Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shop your shape: Pear

Shop you shape: Pear

You are a pear shape if you carry your weight around your hips and bottom. You have a beautifully defined waist and narrow shoulders. 

If your hips are your trouble zone - you're not alone. The pear shape is one of the most common body types. There are plenty of stylish suits that will help accentuate your slender upper body.

When shopping for a suit:

- Choose a top that's a lighter colour than the bottom, or has some noticeable, standout feature. 

- Contrary to popular belief, a boy short will only bring attention to a larger booty! Look for a high cut bottom since this will give the illusion of a longer, leaner leg.

- Embellishments such as ruffles or rhinestones, placed on the top half of your swimsuit, will help to balance out pear shaped proportions.  Padded tops are also a good choice for balancing a pear shaped figure.

Halter tops are a great choice to draw attention to your lovely shoulders. 

- If you want to go for fun prints, make sure the print is a good size. If the print is too small, it will make you look large in comparison. Bigger prints do a better job at camouflaging, and tricking the eye.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Shop your shape: Apple

Shop you shape: Apple

You are an apple shape if you carry your weight around your middle have no defined waist but lovely slim legs and arms and narrow hips. Your bust could be large or small.

If your tummy is your trouble-zone, more so than your hips - you're not alone. Thankfully, there are plenty of stylish suits that offer some camouflage & help to create the illusion of a more defined waist. Side-detailing, wrap styles, and ruching all help to make the middle look slimmer.

When shopping for a suit, keep an eye out for:

- Swimwear that provides support for the stomach. Many of today's styles offer some sort of built in tummy control lining that can reduce the appearance of the stomach and help to create a more slender silhouette.

- Ruching or shirring at the sides and middle gives the appearance of definition to the waistline.

- A swim suit with built in bust support is important. These built in bras can either be soft cup or underwire.

- Halter tops and suits with a deep V or plunging neckline are also a great option for an apple shape. They help by creating length and bringing the eye up towards the face and neck.

- Wrap tops are also great options since they not only draw attention to the bust, but help in creating the appearance of definition to the waist.

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